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I guess I’m just too good of a beta and correct all of the mistakes. XD

Sorry, I didn’t see that comment yesterday D=
I got 2 more reviews yesterday from the same reader actually and she pointed that I used “she” too much in chapter 3 - I totally agree with that. I have to be careful in the future.
But yes, you’re a good beta ;)

sadoranortica answered your question “About April in Neververse”

You can have her of Italian decent on her mom’s side and her dad from Irish decent.

The half-Italian thing is interesting but for another character who’ll show up in a few chapters.

ensodancer answered your question “About April in Neververse”

A biracial April would be quite refreshing. In fact diversity anywhere in life is refreshing but sadly lacking.

The more I think of it, the more I see April as a natural brunette with dyed hair, in a dark red or something like that. But there will be plenty of OC in NV with important roles and I intend to have a variety of ethnicities represented.

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For me, I prefer the white April with a dark afro or curly hair instead of a straight hair.

Curly hair are a nightmare to draw, that’s why I draw April like I do in general >___> So much to work on!

About April in Neververse

I don’t remember if I stated how April looked like in Neververse. In Till Kingdom Come, which is also a AU based on Mirage comics vol1 (yeah, that’s my favorite part of TMNT, it’s pretty obvious, I know), she was white with dark hair. The April I draw is white with red hair. And she changed a lot during the course of TMNT, even during the first volume.

I don’t really know how to represent her in Neververse. We’ve learned in volume 4 that she wasn’t blood related to her parents and sister but it’s out of the canon of Neververse so, idk. The only known relative is her sister Robyn and it’s pretty clear she’s white with blond hair or something like that. O’Neil is an Irish name but that doesn’t mean she didn’t have ancestors of color in her family. 

I always try to write diverse characters (in TKC, I have every type represented and most of them have very important roles in the story - I intend to do the same in NV) but it still bothers me to have a white April. IDK. What do you think of it, readers?