"Excuse me," one of the veterinary hesitated, "but we’re here for the tortoises?"

Miller pointed him Raphael’s cell and the guy bent a little to have a look. He straightened himself almost immediately and became as white as milk. Raphael’s grin was both dangerous and amused.

"That’s not tortoises," the veterinary said, shaking.

"We’re turtles, actually," Donatello corrected from his cell.

"They’re speaking," the veterinary insisted. "They’re speaking turtles."

"And wait till you hear me sing, buddy," Michelangelo taunted.



Yeah. America has become a 24 hour society, especially in the bigger cities. Walmart and most gas stations are open 24 hours, closing only on major holidays. This is mostly for the people who have to work late or at…

I’ll kept that in mind. Does it get hot in Paris? If you ever want to travel to Texas, I suggest winter. They are mild here and you won’t suffer from allergies as much. You think you don’t suffer from allergies then you come to Texas in spring and you can breathe. It’s not the worst state in the US for it but it’s up there. And the summers here are torture if you’re not used to the heat and humidity. But you can go get a burger and milkshake at any time of the day or night if you want. XD

Actually I don’t live in Paris, I only visited five or six times. I lived in Lyon for university and it’s a pretty cool city, not too big, with plenty to visit from different time periods (like, Roman period, Middle Age and such). It’s also a well known city for good food and wines, just saying.

Summer in France… Well, depends. South, yes, very warm (up to 40°C sometimes). In cities, no better. But if you go in the mountains, that’s much more cooler. But I’m not partial ‘cause I grew up in the mountains and I hate temperatures above 25°C so… yeah, I prefer winter.

Texas wouldn’t be somewhere I’d visit, to be honest. New York, Chicago, San Fransisco, New Orleans, that would be cities I’d visit. But it’s pretty much impossible to visit a whole country during vacations. I spent 10 months in Japan and I barely traveled (mostly because it was expensive and I was very comfortable in Tokyo).

But I’ll keep that in mind! I have asthma and allergies (leading to more asthma, yay), so it’s good to know =)