"I don’t want to talk about sex with strangers," Leonardo mumbled.
"You’re not such a prude with your bros tho."
Leonardo winced and looked at Michelangelo over his shoulder. He was smiling like a maniac.
"You’re in a good mood."
"Why wouldn’t I be?" Michelangelo asked. "Today the prodigal son returns!", he added, arms in the air.
"I thought I was the prodigal son."
"Wow, don’t be so humble Leo," Michelangelo laughed, "think about your ego, buddy."
Leonardo smirked.

Mike’s not the only one to know how to joke (even if Mirage!Leo kinda sucks at jokes, he fails so many times!).

My plan to lose recent followers by shocking them with (soft) porn failed. That’s an epic fail, to be honest.

Welcome pervs! Be aware I use sarcasme a lot, I prefer to draw serious stuff and it’s omelette AU fromage, not omelette du fromage.